General Commands

List of general trove commands.

Command Description Example
advent_calendar Shows latest image and when the next day of advent calendar will be. n!advent_calendar
corruxion Shows if and when and for how long is corruxion is available. n!corruxion
luxion Shows if and when and for how long is luxion is available. n!luxion
mastery Shows current max obtainable trove mastery. n!mastery
mastery_geode Shows current max obtainable geode mastery. n!mastery_geode
meta Shows current class Meta in the game n!meta
search_ally Search for an ally based on name, stat or ability. **Slash Command only**
server_time Shows current server time. n!server_time
sigil Shows sigil for the given Power Rank and Mastery Rank. n!sigil 40000 800

Information Commands

List of informational trove commands.

Command Description Example
bonuses Show daily and weekly bonuses. n!bonuses
calendar Check out Trovesaurus calendar. n!calendar
chats List of commonly used chats in-game. n!chats
effort_leaderboard Shows the rewards for completing objectives towards effort leaderboard. n!effort_leaderboard
gamigo_resources Shows a list of Trove/Gamigo resources for the player. n!gamigo_resources
gem_tutorial Shows the an almost full gem tutorial. n!gem_tutorial
light_steps Shows the light required in some game situations. n!light_steps
max_light Shows a list of light sources to achieve max light. n!max_light
playing_trove Shows all people playing trove in the server. **Depends on Discord Activity** n!playingtrove
prime_numbers Shows a list of prime numbers up to a 1000. n!prime_numbers
search Search for things in Trovesaurus database. **Slash Command only**
/search Chaos Chest
search_mod Search for mods in Trovesaurus database. **Slash Command only**
/search_mod Sageosaurus
search_post Search for patch notes and some forum posts in Trove Bot's database. **Slash Command only**
/search_post 300% Magic Damage
weekly Shows current chaos loot and weekly buff, as well as event if there's one. n!weekly